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I Love Working With These Women!!

Small Business Milwaukee  |  Tracy Champagne

About 5 years ago, I attended several of Tracy’s business meetups and social media classes. I thought to myself, “I’d love to partner with this woman.” Lucky me, that’s exactly what I’m doing today as Tracy asked me to be the Senior Writer for Small Business Milwaukee.

Before I mention her specific talents and skills, I want to say this first: her clients’ success is always topmost in her mind. Having been a small business owner herself for many years, she knows what it’s like to have just yourself to depend upon and how difficult it is to market a business on a “who knows how I’ll get it” budget. She is determined to put all her expertise to work for each and every client.

Tracy is ALWAYS learning something new related to digital marketing and has a knack for getting those around her to do the same. She is persistent. She is resourceful. She is a lot of fun to work with. (Lucky me!)

Networking is a key component of Tracy’s professional life and she relishes connecting with as many people as possible. It results in more leads/resources which she can’t wait to share with her Small Business Milwaukee community. She hosts many meetups, including one that’s officially part of the internationally-recognized Divi for WordPress.

Here’s what Tracy most enjoys doing, with the possible exception of going “Up north.”

• Website Design
• Social Media Marketing
• Digital Marketing
• Analytics
• Search Engine Optimization
• Email Marketing
• Slide Show Design

You can reach my good friend and collaborator, Tracy Champagne, at:

SmallBizMKE.com  |  TracyChampagne.com  |  Tracychampagne@gmail.com 

Creative Synergy  |  Paula Keene

Until you’ve experienced it for yourself, you can’t really appreciate the energy and dynamism that Paula Keene brings to everything she does in life.

Artist, educator and entrepreneur, she is inspired and inspiring, dedicated, passionate, savvy, optimistic, talented and sharp-witted. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Paula’s creativity is matched by her education, experience and intelligence.

She is a frequent Kimmunitee collaborator. Together we’ve been successfully supporting small businesses for over 25 years on special events, marketing campaigns and social media strategies.

Paula can, within minutes, generate more ideas to solve business problems than anyone I know of—honestly. And they are doable, original and within the confines of a small business budget.

My Kimmunitee works beautifully with Paula’s Creative Synergy because we’re in harmony. Our collective experience and complementary skills have great value and we love to share them with fellow entrepreneurs. We only work with small business owners who are as committed as we are to ensuring their success.

Paula Keene of Creative Synergy Offers:

• Small Business Consulting
New avenues for generating more revenue with innovative solutions

• Concept Developer
• Idea Generator
• Customer Market Analysis
• Marketing Strategist/Planner
• Branding and Rebranding
• Artist/Designer
• Sales and Motivational Training

Connect with Paula at Synergy123123@gmail.com.