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Opportunities Are Everywhere

You and I both know that communicating well as a small business owner is an important element for success. Writing is one form of communication that provides you many, many opportunities to showcase yourself as an expert in your field. These opportunities, if used well, help you maintain current client relationships and create more for the future. Well-written blog posts, conversational newsletters, intriguing customer profiles, helpful emails or descriptive feature stories are sweet enticements for people interested in your skills. Serve them well and watch your business grow.

Here's the Problem

The written word is your bogeyman. Talented and skilled in many other areas, writing is difficult, if not impossible, for you. Whatever is required and whenever it’s needed, you find yourself facing major stumbling blocks:

• You don’t know how to start
• You don’t know how to end
• Outlines frustrate you
• The right words escape you
• Time is at a premium
• You think you have nothing to say

Solutions Are One Conversation Away

You talk and I listen. Listening is, in fact, one of my greatest skills as a writer. Here’s how it works: You tell me what you need. Then we sit down together—maybe over a cup of coffee—I ask questions, you talk, I write. Together we prepare a professional and informative business message that’s succinct and effective. It’ll also sound like the best version of yourself.

Steps 1 and 2

Four Easy Steps For You to Follow

Step 1. Let me ease any writing anxiety you might have. I have no fear in taking on your writing projects. As much as you might dislike them, I relish them.

Step 2. Prepare a list of everything you’d like me to get off your plate.

• Newsletters • Website Content • Feature Stories • Social Media Content • Copy Editing • Press Releases

Steps 3 and 4

Let’s Tell Your Business Story

Step 3. Use this contact form to get in touch with me.

Step 4. Go run your business. Have as much fun with yours as I do with mine. You’ll find it easier to do once you let me take good care of your writing.

I charge by the hour, not the word. There are different rates for my writing, copy editing and newsletter services.

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Marketing Your Business With Constant Contact

Communicating with your clients through emails and newsletters is one of the best ways to develop relationships with your customer base. As people become more familiar with you and your business, the more likely it is that they’ll purchase your product and/or services.

Currently, businesses large and small are discovering the necessity of regular online customer communications. It’s the only way to stay connected. Keeping that in mind, Constant Contact is working harder than ever to help small businesses deliver emails and newsletters.

A Constant Contact account comes with tools to create a
website, sell online, send email (including templates for you to communicate with your contacts about COVID-19 including tips on what to say), post to social media, and more.


Begin Your Online Marketing With Constant Contact

Now’s the time to try Constant Contact. Call me if you have any questions.


Kimberly Hand is an outstanding writer who creatively captures her clients’ personalities and has a unique flair for featuring the best of each business. Kim is a genuine collaborator who truly enjoys a partner process that connects her caring spirit to clients and their success! I have worked with Kim in many different capacities for over 25 years and she continues to amaze me with her endless abilities. Give her a call soon!

Paula Keene

Owner, Creative Synergy, LLC

I highly recommend Kimberly Hughes for any kind of editing work! She helped me edit a chapter for a book and several associated support documents. She was detailed, thorough, caught everything, gave me good advice and was delightful to work with! Kim turned things around quickly and was very accommodating in her timing.  She delivers great value! Can’t say enough about her work!

Nancy Clairmont Carr

Transformation Coach, www.TheJoy-Effect.Com

One thing I enjoyed about your editing is how you kept it in my voice. Your suggestions were great ways to enhance and make my message clearer. Your way of showing your recommendations next to what I wrote was great. It gave me the ability to make the changes right then and it also showed me how I could have made my writing tighter or neater. My biggest takeaway in working with you is that you helped me become a better writer.

Mike Raber

Micro Business Corporation